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Grey screen after profile picture select on Oculus link Setup

Level 4

Every time I select a profile picture and continue, it goes blank. I've seen a lot of other people experiencing this on these forums in the past day or two. Anyone got a solution or is it a problem on their end and not ours? I only just got my quest 2 yesterday and my link an hour ago. 


Sorry it didnt work, good luck on fixing it then.

Level 3

Somehow managed to get it working using that method.


Replace the support files with the older ones, completed setup without a problem, then put the newer support files back. All sorted!

Good that you’ve got it working, nice job. Do you have the link where oculus said something about it?

Or maybe a more In depth guide on the method you used? I have an ape brain ngl 

same problems as me 

Level 2

Same thing happening to me. 

So here's the method I used (I've simplified it, but hopefully you should be able to follow)

  • Kill all process and services relating to Oculus in Task Manager

  • Copy out the support files (saving them in another folder for now)

    • Support files can usually be found in C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support
  • Replace the support files with the downloaded ones

  • Open the application and complete the setup process

  • Once that's done, kill all processes/services relating to Oculus again in Task Manager

  • Replace the support files using the original ones you copied out.

That 'should' do the trick...

Level 3

holy shiz it worked thanks bro


Would that mess anything up in the future when oculus fix it? Or try to anyway 

Level 2

Same issue.

Grey screen. Constantly getting messages on oculus app saying I have an important update about my password but no password sent.


Now I cant get my oculus to work. Keeps on saying "oops, something went wrong." It's not my internet. I tested my internet and it works fine. Thinking about taking the quest 2 back