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Guardian Floor Bug and other glitches

Level 3

My guardian stopped working well today. Height of guardian floor starts moving when i'm moving upwards. It makes guardian bigger and it doesn't works where i would like to have my guardian wall. Second problem is that my menu started shuttering again. They fixed it last time, but now it's shuttering on low spec environment even when i'm not touching the guardian walls. Please fix it ❤️ and it would be cool if someone working on oculus quest 2 glitch fixes would like to contact me, so i can upload more details about it.


Level 2

I have this same issue now on version 29. It is really frustrating and makes me slower in games as if I’m crouching. Also, I have cracks appeared on my elite strap despite being mindful of the issue from the start. I have had a string of problems with my quest 2 and at this point I have given up even bothering with their support. Oculus or FB make their support such a convoluted process despite most of my issues being well documented and widespread faults. Love VR and the tech itself is very good. However the build quality and support is awful. It’s been nothing more than a good intro to VR, and sadly, I now have to look elsewhere for more permanent and better built hardware. I’m not opposed to having FB account as for me this is solely used as a login. Therefore, I wanted to be an oculus supporter but this has changed my mind. We truly do get what we pay for right? While the tech specs appear to be a good deal, if you can’t put the thing on your head it may as well be of a lesser spec. Such a shame. 

Level 2

I have search the whole internet for this. Every threads on reddit and on this forum and theres no fix. Tried hard reset, placing a controller on the ground, factory reset, changing the battery in the controller, cleaning the camera, clearing guardian history, enable/disable guardian, etc. Then one day, it fix itself. Its the second time it happen. I dont what is going wrong, is it software or hardware related, its weird. Oculus should really get their **bleep** together on this as I could see TONS of peoples with this problem. The only "workaround" until it fix itself (or Oculus wake up) is this : First, set any floor height and draw your boundary regardless of the wrong floor height. Then, go in the guardian setting, and click "floor level" it should let you adjust only the floor level without drawing again. Now, is the tricky part. As the floor will follow your headset, you must kneel or even lay down on the floor until the guardian floor match your REAL floor. Then, stay like that, and hit confirm. Now, stand up, hold oculus button to recenter, and you should be all good.


Level 2

Hey there, thank you for your reply. In some ways I am glad that others have the same issue and that it isn't a defect specific to my hardware, I have enough of those too. I have two headsets, one with an elite strap and despite taking super careful care of it, I finally have fallen victim to the dreaded cracking problem. One controller stopped working altogether and I had to buy one from ebay which worked but was cracked and make one good working one from them both. I cannot afford a new one for £70ish. I tried to go down the Oculus support route and it was clearly designed to make things as problematic for customers as possible, probably a clever way to reduce their costs in anticipation of the inevitable tsunami of returns. This puts me off starting again for the strap issue and for this one here in this post. These are not the only problems I have had and it is getting very tiresome.


Back to the problem at hand, thanks for the advice and such a shame it takes laying on the floor to fix this. How many times is this required I wonder? I feel sorry for those who cannot do this to get their hardware to operate as it should, for instance, those in wheelchairs or similar. Therefore, yes, Oculus or more likely Facebook, do very much so, need to get their " **** " together, I couldn't agree more.  The Quest 2 and its capabilities are to be commended and on the face of it, the price is a bargain. I couldn't have afforded much more and so I am grateful for this, but that doesn't change the fact that I bought a product (the second one was a gift) and I expect it to work as advertised. Personally, I think a protection plan for no more than £50/year which covers these issue may be of benefit to customers and Oculus alike. Not ideal, I know, but for some peace of mind and to prevent Oculus from feeling the need to make things so difficult for us may be a way forward.


Anyway, thanks again for your advice, I will certainly give this a go soon. I guess I need to clean the floor now though haha. Take care, all the best.