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HDMI Input to a Quest 2

Level 2

I currently use an external monitor with several still and video cameras as well as two DJI drones.  I connect all these via their HDMI output ports.


How do I replace the external monitor with a Quest 2 headset?  The input to the Quest 2 is a USB-C port; no HDMI available.  Is there an HDMI in, USB-C out adapter/converter/cable that can be use.  I have a USB-C to HDMI cable but this only works to display video coming out of a USB-C port, not the other way around.


Really need the above functionality or the Quest 2 is of limited us.


Thanks for any assistance with this...




Level 2

The quest 2 basically acts like its own monitor, VR games are displayed on a monitor but are viewed and played on the quest, the usb c cable isnt used to connect it as a monitor its to transfer data so vr games on your pc can be played on the quest. closest you would get is a rift but even that is going to work very similar to the quest, you can view your desktops on the vr headset, but the headset wont be a replacement for an external monitor

Level 4

utilise ton quest2 sans fils avec virtuel desktop

et virtuel desktop streamer sur ton pc !

tu vois ton pc dans ton quest