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Has anyone successfully connect Quest 2 to your PC using Air link?

Level 4



I follow Occulus instruction to connect Quest 2 to my PC to no avail.  Everything goes per the instruction up to the point where I click on Launch button, I receive a notification from my PC prompting that it can't find hardware OQ 2.  OQ 2 and WIFI adapter both are on the same 5G network. Any idea?


Intel Core i7-4790 3.6GHz, 16GB RAM, Nvidia NVS 510 2GB RAM, Sandisk 512GB SSD, Linksys EA9400 AS 5000 router, Netgear A7000 AC1900 USB 3.0 WIFI Adapter (300mb/s down & up internet speed test), 920 mb/s down via ethernet.


Advance thanks for your help.


Level 16

Air Link works great with my Q2, even at 120Hz.  I'm just using the Oculus recommended requirements like wired to a 1 gig Router with ethernet cable and its wifi 5Ghz 2-3m away.  If you cannot connect maybe read all the way down on your linked page;

  • 'm unable to discover my PC.
    • Make sure that your network is set up correctly
    • Check that both your PC and headset are on the same local network and neither of them is on the VPN
    • Make sure that your firewall is not blocking the TCP port 5669
    • Try turning on/off the Air Link button on the Oculus PC app
    • Reboot your headset and restart your PC software
9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Thank you for your feedback and instructions which is very similar to Occulus support by the way.

Anyway, long story short Quest 2 connect to PC via Air link.  However, every time I click on the blue “Launch” button in the headset, Occulus PC app exit and turn off Air link by itself.  Per Occulus log, there seems to be an interference or incompatibility with the Nvidia NVS510 graphic card driving 3 monitors, 1080, 1440 and 2160p.  I haven’t get the time to remote troubleshoot with Occulus.  Out of desperation, I give Virtual desktop a try.  It works perfectly and flawlessly first time.  I can now see my monitors on a giant screen, switch between monitors, interact with my pc and most importantly able to play First person tennis Rift game albeit image resolution, sharpness / clarity is not as I would expected i.e below 720p, imo.  Awesome and time saving app.