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Having trouble getting minecraft to work on my Oculus Quest 2.

Level 2

I have Minecraft installed on both my PC through the Microsoft Store and through the Oculus PC app. I plug in my Quest 2 to my PC and connect to Oculus Link and everything just fine and go to launch Minecraft. The basic Minecraft screen pops up and says "Update to Windows 10 1809 and obtain minecraft from the windows 10 store." Windows is completely up to date. Then it says "Set the Settings 

> General > Unknown Sources switch to ON in the Oculus App." I did this on the app like it said. Then says "Confirm to play VR minexraft or cancel to exit". I confirm and then the screen flashes and takes me back to my home screen. I take off my headset and minecraft is now launched on my actual computer. What should I do? I have done everything its told me to do.


Level 2

I came into this issue not too long ago. The comment on this post fixed it for me and still works to the current update. Just to be safe, make sure to back up any files before you edit them!
Hope this helps! 🙂

Level 5

i had similar issues.  found that same info source, but the info was a bit hard to extract from it.  wrote up what i did here:



Just to clarify, I believe the issue is that SteamVR or some other program conflicts with the OpenXR registry entry, which is required to point to the right place to launch Minecraft properly, and is installed with Oculus Client/Link.

This can be fixed by either uninstalling the conflicting software and re-installing Oculus Client/Link and Minecraft, or simply making a quick regedit as described in the comments section of the linked reddit post above. Remember, make a backup before you edit! 🙂