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Head strap for big & tall people?

Level 3

I'm 6' 4½" and wear hat size 8.5. I have a Quest 2, but rarely use it because of how uncomfortable the head straps are. So far I have tried the following straps:

Stock strap, Elite strap, Orzero Adjustable strap(from Amazon) and most recently, the BoboVR M2 strap


All of the straps put lots of pressure on the sides of my head and are extremely uncomfortable to use. With the exception of the BoboVR strap that puts lots of pressure on the back of my head. I mainly use my Valve Index and my Pimax 8K Plus. I have no issues with either of those.'


Alternatively, if someone working for Oculus sees this... it would be nice if you made a larger Quest 2 for big & tall people. Compared to the other 2 headsets I use, this Quest 2 is fairly small and feels like I'm looking through kid's binoculars when I use it.