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Headset goes to sleep after 5 minutes, won't reconnect to Steam VR properly

Level 2
I've already reported this before, Facebook likes to pretend it never happened.  When you take the headset off and set the controllers down for more than 5 minutes, they "go to sleep".  Changing the Oculus sleep settings doesn't affect it.  Steam support has already responded that this issue is directly related to the Oculus failing to reconnect Steam VR properly after "going to sleep".  If you set the headset down, and pick it up after 2 minutes, you will have no issues.  If you pick it up after 5 minutes, it will not display the VR game properly and you must close everything and reload everything to make it work properly again.  Recurring problem among several computers, not a specific PC or Steam issue.  So far their support has gone as far as saying "try factory reset" or "reinstalling software" which neither has helped, again amongst multiple computers, one is brand new gamer that works great other than this issue.  I have multiple monitors, tried disconnecting all but one and same issue persists.