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Headset lag/jitter when casting

Level 2
Hey everyone, was just wondering if anyone had this issue and knew how to fix it or at least make it better.

My girlfriend and I both have 64gb Quest 2 headsets and we have been trying to get them casting smoothly. My girlfriends Quest 2 has no issues when casting to her laptop, but when I cast to it, I experience extreme jitter in the headset and latency issues. Are there steps I can take to improve casting quality or is this a hardware issue? I am using the same method of casting as my girlfriend and her results are much higher quality. I also get this jitter when recording gameplay. This hasn't always been an issue but I can't remember exactly when it started. I tried factory resetting to see if that helped and it didn't.

Any help appreciated 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi @Somnambular Please submit a ticket with us and if you can include a short video of the issue and we will be happy to look into your issue. Thanks! - Clint

Level 13
restart the router, and if possible plug the laptop directly into the router.

Level 2
I've started having the exact same issue - did you ever find a fix to this?

Level 4
Same thing for me and after I cast I have to shut it down and charge it back to 100% before turning it back on even if it is low or not or else my hmd has an EXTREME wave/moving back and forth motion with tracking and it will make even rock solid vr veterans sick. Any fix?

I know this is dated, but I absolutely wanted to ask/comment on this. You suggest them make a short video to look into the issue? So how is that to be accomplished? I'm assuming I'm doing something incorrect because when I video capture my issue on the main screen, the video plays back as a lovely black screen except when I bring up the little dash menu, well that's there, but nothing else. It has to be something I'm doing wrong because I know it's not because it is limiting what I can capture!  That'd be as ridiculous as having a keyboard that has a colon and period on the first page: making you go to the second page for a comma: not a period and a comma which would make more sense. I'm typing this on the oculus browser with the built in keyboard incase you could'nt already tell. I think it'd fit: I mean, you have virtually tons of room: haha virtually! Get it?