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Help selecting a problem free setup

Level 3

Before I invest 2000 Can Dollars on a new PC just so I can access Steam with the Oculus link for my Q1 ( I would prefer a laptop for portability but I am minimally open to considering a desktop pc) I would love to know if there are PC's on the market and in that price range, that will not cause the sea of problems that seem to have invaded this forum as well as reddit! And I do not want to build my own, just want to buy something that will just work. It's hard enough to shop for days for a machine, I will not go through returning it because of a black screen and other issues. Looking for  Anyone that has any tips on exactly what to avoid or give priority to ( AMD or Intel? What Brand is THE best? etc) please join in. anyone who just wants to tell me to look at the Oculus minimum specs and do my research, thanks but I've done that already, several times.


Level 4

nouveaux utilisateur moi meme : je te dirais de plutot regarder les specification recommander ET PLUS par ce que cest du VR ET CA TIRE DU JUS.

amd B550M plus

rtx 2060  parametre a medium/bas   

rtx 3070  parametre ultra/haut       pour avoir essayer les 2

ryzen 7 3800x

mais ce sur pc de table, je crois que ca donne une idée.