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Horrible performance with oculus quest 2 link cable

Level 2
I tried VRChat a few days ago with my cable and my FPS was so bad it was straight unplayable. I assumed it was VRChat so I tried Pavlov yesterday and it was fine for a few minutes and then I got hit with an unplayable FPS. I played both these games on my old Windows Mixed Reality headset with and older CPU and GPU. I've since upgraded my mobo, CPU, and GPU (2060) and I can't play anything with my link. I noticed while playing VRChat that the oculus software was pretty much maxing my computer out, and no way does VRChat use more than 100% of a 2060 when my 1060 used to run it fine. Anyone have any fixes at all? I can't even use my headset for my games and it's making me want to sell my headset.

Level 5

I also have a 2060 and even things like fallout/skyrim VR were running well before the v25 update. Then, like night and day, it became unplayable. 

Level 3

Is the Quest connecting as a USB 2 device even though you're using USB 3? I made a post a few minutes ago where I found that's happening for me.

RTX 2070 Super  |  i7 7700k @ 4.6GHz  |  32GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz