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Horribly slow download speed from Oculus store

Level 3

I have been getting under 100kb/s download speeds for a few months now.  That is kilobytes per second and that's when it's got a 'fast' connection. Downloading a 1GB game can take DAYS as the speed drops to near nothing and will sit there for an hour sometimes without any progress.


This happens with both my Quest 1 and Quest 2.


It is not my router or internet connection or WiFi strength.  I can get 500Mb/s locally and 100Mb/s internet speeds, tested using the Quest browser.  It's only the Oculus servers that are so slow.


I've stopped buying games because I simply can't install them.


Anyone have a workaround or a fix?  Facebook of all companies should have plenty of bandwidth.  Is anyone getting fast speeds?