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How do I cast on multiple smartphones?

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Hello community,

a few days ago I recieved my brand new Oculus Quest 2. So far it seems to be a pretty good expirience for me and my girlfriend, but yesterday we run into some trouble where I ask for your help.

During the setup of the Quest 2, I installed the Oculus App and logged in with facebook. I typed in the 5 numbers and paired the app with the headset. I had no problems with streaming my content to my smartphone and my girlfriend was hoding my smartphone to watch me play.
Yesterday she wanted to use her own smartphone to watch me. So she downloaded the app, logged in via facebook and then the problems started. Neither was she able to link her app with the headset, because the 5 numbers doesn't show up at all in the headset, or was I able to stream my content by choosing the oculus app on her phone in the headset. It only selects the App on my own smartphone.
We tried to solve the problem by creating a second account on the Quest 2 with her profile. But she was never able to connect to that account with her smartphone either. We use the same Network, so that does not seem to be the problem.
I also thought about logging into her oculus app with my oculus account. But then there is the facebook problem, where I also have to log into my facebook account on her smartphone. That seems pretty stupid for the future, because then she always has to relog into her facebook account everytime she used the oculus app.

So what are we doing wrong here? Is there a much easier way to do this? I'd be really happy to get some help of you experts 🙂


Level 2

Same exact problem. Any luck for you guys? Cannot find an answer anywhere!

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Same issue here. Any updates for a fix soon? Also noticed the option to cast to computer is missing on non device owner account, will this feature also be added?

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No solution found so far, still waiting for any support. Well I am at least glad to see that I am not alone with this problem, not that having the problem is good at all 😕

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I think it’s just not possible. They really need to fix this, as a secondary account shouldn’t be limited to not being able to cast. 

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Same problem here. We have downloaded the oculus app to 3 Android smartphones. We can cast to two of them, but the app/headset won't connect to the third phone, never a 5 digit code.

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We have the same problem. Second andriod phone is not able to connect to the headset even after making a second account... Hopefullu they will fix it soon!

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I'm having the same issue - companion app  won't pair to a quest2 that is already paired in the initial setup via companion app

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Same issue.


I want to play on my bf device on my account and stream it but seems only device owners can stream. Would be really nice if they fixed this so additional accounts can stream their content to another mobile or device. 


Spent hours trying to work this out, thinking it was just a user error. Contacted Oculus customer support who told me to factory reset only to find out its not possible anyway. That's another hour spent reinstalling all the games after the reset. 

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It’s December and looks like this is still an issue 😞


Does support even look at these forums? It’s really silly that my family can’t use their Facebook accounts and play with the family headset. This means no one can cast unless they have my personal phone…Bit strange for such a expensive headset.


Please allow phone app sharing / headset pairing on multiple accounts.

Or else what’s the point on having multiple  accounts…