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How do I uninstall or disable the Oculus Quest "Move" app/utility

Level 2

I want to un-install or disable "Move" app/utility, but there is no un-install option since its listed as a system utility. There appears to be no disable option either. The 'Move' app doesn't even show anymore on the list of my apps! How to get rid of it? To do a factory reset on my headset doesn’t help and there is no such option as "Oculus Move overlay” in "Settings/Experimental Settings/“ either.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this?


Level 2

Go to Apps, then Move. Up top is ask overlay to be top, bottom, or off 

..."The 'Move' app doesn't even show up anymore on the list of my apps!"

Seriously, why is it so difficult to disable, pause or simply get rid of the Move icon that floats right in the middle of the screen or central object??  There should be more control over such a simple thing when you release a major feature like Oculus Move.