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How much battery charge do you loose overnight (not using the headset) ?

Level 4

I got a brand new Quest 2 and charged it to 100% last night, then left it on my couch and went to bed. Next day @ around 8PM I turned it on and the battery level was at 92%

Just wanted to ask if this is a normal Quest behavior? 


When I play it goes from 100 to 45 / 50 percent in about 45 minutes! 


Level 5

If you want your battery to stay healthy and not have huge degradation, never leave it charged at 100% unless you are going to use it right away.  Lithium Ion batteries prefer to be stored at around 50%.


But to answer your question, the Quest will use some battery power because the on/off switch is software controlled.  So the Quest actually doesn't completely shut off, it allows a small amount of power for the switch.  And I would bet if you've continuously left your Quest charged at 100% overnight, you have some battery degradation and the reason why it drains down so quickly.  The sad truth is that since companies started making products with non removable batteries, they don't tell us how to keep them healthy because they want to sell us newer versions of the products.  Case in point, the iPhone.

Level 4

Thanks a lot for your reply Resistoon. I thought that leaving your battery connected to power source after it's 100% charged was not good for battery health. But didn't think disconnecting it as soon as it is 100% charged and leave it for few hours could also be bad for the battery!

The reason I asked this question was to make sure that what I experienced here is normal as I have 15 days to return or change the headset and if the battery is defective I would prefer changing it while I still can.


For non removable battery products, yes this is a bad idea and not in consumers interest. I was brave enough to order a new battery on ebay and changed my iphone's battery myself with no problem. But I don't think I would dare do such thing with the headset. BTW That battery change experience + some restriction on iphone made me think and I decided to buy an android phone that I am really more happy with now. The consumer has a role to play and a word to say too. Unfortunately not many or enough people do so 😞

Level 2

Yes I get alot it's normal don't worry