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How much difference does 5Gbps make over 1Gbps?

Level 2

I honestly can't find anything specifically for Quest 2, all I see are the Quest 1 figures for the Snapdragon 835 decoder, which is 150Mbps. Currently I'm stuck with an Oculus Link jammed into an Orzero adapter which is also slammed into a powered USB hub but it's a 3.0 hub. The whole contraption gets me around 800Mbps to 1.1Gbps. It's never consistent. If I were to buy a Type-C PCIe adapter and use that, would there be an improvement?


Level 9

Donno. It might be the difference between "I can play an intense VR game while charging my Quest 2" and "I can play an intense VR game or recharge my Quest 2" And/or smoother gameplay for PCVR. I know that going from a 2.4ghz router to a 5ghz router has vastly improved the quality of streaming PCVR (or even just PC) to my Quest 2 via Virtual Desktop. I also know that I can charge my Quest 2 while doing something that is low resource requirement such as browsing the internet or playing a normal PC game, but if I play most games PCVR games my Quest 2's battery will slowly drain. It's slower then if not plugged into my PC, but still occurs.

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