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How to fix laptop issues with Oculus Link on AMD based systems.

Level 3
AMD based GPU's and integrated graphics are not supported or have issues. If you have a laptop with graphics in the list that are known to work and a AMD based system with integrated graphics you might run into problems. I was troubleshooting for 2 days and found a very simple solution to fix the issue with Link going black and cutting out constantly.

Basically a laptop sends the image through the integrated graphics (might not be technically correct but for this fix it is) and this cause issues with Link. To get around this and let the PC just use the supported graphics all you have to do is disable the driver. This causes the PC to just process images through the supported GPU and render the desktop with the lowest level driver. Your desktop will be something like 800x600 but the Link should work.

Press the Windows button and type "manage" to get this

Then you will get the manager window where you go to "Device Manager" then expand the "Display Adapters"

Here you can see that my AMD Radeon Vega 8 is disabled. When right clicking the adapter you see that I can enable it again

When enabled, like the Nvidia adapter is, I have the disable option.

Basically just go into the manager and disable all adapters that isn't the one you want Oculus Link to use to prevent any weird issues with the Link going black and shutting down constantly.

So you sort of have to do this every time you want to use the Quest and Link but it's not a time consuming fix and is better than not being able to play f.ex. Roblox in VR like I wanted to do (or my son to be exact).

I hope this might help 🙂

Level 3
To clarify, when you are not playing with the Link anymore you have to enable the driver again to get a desktop with decent resolution. I did not check to see if any other games worked with full resolution with the AMD driver disabled.

Been doing quite a bit for Adobe Medium even with Virtual Desktop. Hope they find a fix for this to make things simple again.