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How to lower Quest 2's weight from 503 grams to 200 grams ?!

Level 2
My face is often ache after 5 minutes wearing Quest 2 due to its weight made my face under ache , so I can't continue to immerse into VR .
I wish I can disassemly it and re-depoy all of it for comfort.
I found this clip :  . They teared it down.
I want to weight and measure how much weight for every items on it.
I want LCD and Lenses, cameras, sensors in front only, so I think they're about 150- 200 grams . All remaining parts should be in behind.
So I need long cables to connect LCD, mainboard and power bank . That will help lower the weight to my face.

May I success ? Please teach me !
Many thanks !


Level 2
Tear down

Level 8
Don't use the face mask use this foam:

Level 15
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