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How to use OpenXR Hand Tradking on Unreal Engine 4.26

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As I seemed to understand that Oculus plugin does not support hand tracking with the Link in a packaged Windows app, I am currently trying to use OpenXR on Unreal Engine 4.26 for it's hand tracking extension but I can't figure out what's the path to follow to make it work. I followed the OpenXR prerequisites : 

as well as the Oculus prerequisites : and enabled the HandTrackingEXT.


But then I don't know how to use the tools in the project. Unreal's support told me it's blueprint useable but I didn't find any clue on the plugin activation. I tried using some of the functions from OpenXR specification but I did not find anything that seemed to come from OpenXR.

Did some of you managed to use a VR pawn using OpenXR hand tracking ? I'd be glad to know how you did it.


Best regards