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How to view 360 Pictures I have made on my computer, when I take the headset to a construction site

Level 2
Quest 2 
HELP Please!

I have made architecture renderings in panoramic 360 images, on a software program, Lumion 10 Pro. 
Using 360 Photos from the Oculus Rift store I was able to view them. That's great for me but I am trying to get these images viewed through my Oculus Quest 2 while in the field, most importantly my clients. I am not going to haul my computer around. 
I have scoured YouTube but haven't found any solution, though that's actually how I learned of the 360 Photos.
Lumion support only tells me how to create the 3D pictures not how to view them.

Does anyone have some way I could achieve this goal? When talking with Oculus Support I am told I will receive an email but that takes forever.

*I haven't been able to do anything like SideQuest yet.
**Buying a laptop to take with me is not feasible A.T.M.


Level 12

Level 2

I recommend trying SENTIO VR


A platform where you can upload 360 panoramas, edit the tours with features, and then view it on the Oculus Quest 2 App via App Lab.