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How to watch a DVD on the Oculus Quest 2?

Level 4

I am quite new to VR (like under 2 weeks), but have sorted out most things I felt I needed to know. However this eludes me: how can I watch a commercial DVD (mostly music/opera) on my Oculus Quest 2? I have bought Skybox (nice purchase) and have tried via 'Network' in that app. I can see the (external USB) DVD drive on my Windows 10 laptop (I set it to share) and I can click on VOB files, which start up, but none of the menus options (like select subtitles on/off, language, continue to music etc.) reacts to my handset 'laser' beams.


I tried copying the VOB video and audio folders to my hard drive, but that didn't help: menu items on the DVD are not set up to respond to the VR handset (unsurprisingly, I suppose).


Do I need to do this via a virtual desktop?? Or can I do it via my TV (connected to DVD player, of course)? I have a Chromecast 'dongle' but not sure if that's useful for this (casting the 'wrong way round').


The DVDs etc. are not of course VR, but they look so much better nonetheless than on the TV, much more immersive, so if possible that's how I'd like to watch them. I guess there must be a way to access a DVD via the hardware & software I already have? (Googling hasn't so far helped either).


Many thanks for help with this.


Level 6

For this to achieve you indeed need Virtual Desktop.

In VD you just start the PC-DVD Player of your choice and watch....

Level 4

OK, thank you. Just wondered if there were a different way too.