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How to write to internal storage on Oculus Quest via Unreal Engine 4.

Level 3
I'm building an app with Unreal Engine 4 (Version: 4.22.2-0+++UE4+Partner-Oculus-4.22), and deploying to Oculus Quest. Part of this app revolves around transferring content built by the user in the app to internal storage. The idea being the user would then be able to pull the content from internal storage by connecting the Quest to their PC. This data is entirely text (.obj). My understanding is that what I'm trying to do is definitely possible on Android, and I've gotten the system I've written to work with my Vive on PC (desired files are written where I expect them to be). However, when I try to write the file on the Quest, nothing shows up in the app directories (where the files should be, had they been written). Is there a permission I'm missing somewhere or something? Are there specific directories I should be writing to? If so, how can I find their paths? Is this even possible?


Level 3
So, I asked John Carmack on Twitter, here's his reply:

need the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission in your manifest, then you
can write to /sdcard, which is what is visible when the HMD is plugged
into a computer. Implementing some kind of cloud transfer would be more
convenient for users."