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I can't start "horizon workrooms" app on my oculus quest 2.

Level 2

I can't start "horizon workrooms" app on my oculus quest 2.

I can set up a desk, but Whenever I try to launch the app, I am immediately taken back to the home screen.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there K0T4R0.  Horizon Workrooms is still in beta-testing so we apologize for the hassle, but please try this fix below and let us know if it works.

  • Update your headset to the latest Oculus operating system.
  • On the main menu go to Settings (cogwheel icon) > About > Update Software, and select the update button.
  • You may need to wait some time (about 20 minutes) for it to finish, then make sure to restart your headset.


I was able to start horizon workrooms. Thank you very much.
But now I have a problem that Remote Desktop is not working.
When I try to connect, the connection is cut off in the middle.
Is there some kind of specification required for the PC to be able to use Remote Desktop?

Hey K0T4R0, we're glad to know you were able to access Workrooms! Let's see what we can do about setting up Remote Desktop. Does the connection cut off while you are trying to install Oculus Remote Desktop?


Also, regarding PC specifications, please note that if you use Apple/Mac, you must use MacOS Catalina (10.5) and Big Sur (11) and you'll need an Intel Processor. Currently, customers using M1 processors or MacOS Monterey will be unable to use their computer in Workrooms.

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Understanding that a beta version doesn't necessarily fulfil the desired feature set yet, do we already have a timeframe for M1 support? 

Hello! Do we have an updated timeline for M1/Monterey? Is there an alpha release we can participate in? 🙂