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I cant purchase anything in the oculus store.

Level 2

I bought a quest a couple of days ago, its been doing great. I travel for work so i set it up in a hotel and bought a couple of games. Well i got off work today and got to the hotel and i cant purchase anything. Keeps saying theres been a problem try again later. Ive already tried turning off and back on and forgetting network and adding again. Help please



Level 3

currently having the same issue

Hopefully it will be fixed soon

Agreed this is unbelievably frustrating I just bought it today 

Also just figured out, I have a friend who has purchased games himself, who is experiencing the same issue, ive done some slight research and I believe the servers could be down 

Level 2

I had the same issue, after repeatedly trying everything I could think of it wouldn't stop, so I just gave up, then went back after like over an hour and it finally worked!! Just wait a while and give it another go and then hopefully it will work 🤞