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I hate you all for making me get the Quest 2

Level 3
When the leaks of all the Quest 2 specs started coming out, I thought it sounded pretty good but I would pass on it. I was more than satisfied with my OG Quest. And I had just gotten a gaming pc so I could play PCVR games so I thought I had enough VR newness and excitement. Plus I'm trying to get into the habit of not always needing the latest and greatest.
Then the official announcement came and it was exactly what was leaked. I thought it seemed like a great headset, but not a big enough leap for me to need to upgrade so I would stick to my guns.
Then the reviews started coming out and they were almost unanimously positive. My willpower started to crack a bit, but I held strong.
Then someone on this sub posted the deal at Target where you could get the Quest 2 for $225 by stacking coupons so I thought it wouldn't hurt to preorder it JUST IN CASE, but I would most likely end up canceling it.
Then came the constant barrage of posts in this sub with graphics comparisons between the Quest 1 and 2, showing the significant improvement in SDE and clarity, as well as how great Virtual Desktop is operating on the 2. I could hold up no longer and sold my Quest 1 last night.
TL;DR: I had a perfectly fine Quest 1, but I couldn't withstand the pressure and temptation from this sub to get the Quest 2. It is all your guys' fault and you should be ashamed.