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IOS App Landscape Rotation not Working

Level 2

Hopefully someone here can help if they have dealt with this or maybe just missed a tutorial somewhere or something. Every time I cast from my Quest 2 to my iPhone the casting feed is always in portrait. Is there any way to force the cast feed to be in landscape?


I have tried reaching out to quest support and basically just told me to turn it off and on again which obviously didn’t work. 

Any help is much appreciated as I’m very frustrated only seeing a small portion of the FOV. 


Level 2

I have the same issue

Level 2

Me too. Very annoying because I can't use the augmented reality record mode in portrait. Can't find any additional information anywhere about this. Sometimes when I'm in the 'cast' screen (before starting the cast) it will switch to landscape but immediately back to portrait. Tried uninstalling app, re-connecting, locking iPhone rotation etc. It seems Oculus just says 'factory reset the headset' but this is always an easy way out for support and a lot of hassle for the user: re-downloading apps, loss of data etc. Come on, there has to be a fix for this? It looks like a bug in the Oculus app..