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Impossible to see any of my wifi networks from the Quest

Level 2
I've just bought the Oculus quest but, I'm stuck at the very begining of the process as I can't see any of my wifi networks on the app. I've got a wifi that works like a charm in my house, on multiple device (from phones to tablets etc...) but it look like my Quest doesn't seem to see any wifi networks...
I'm from France, I've got the "Free" internet provider with a "freebox".
I've installed the Occulus app on a Android phone.
I've of course tried to restart multiple time my box, I've tried to manually add my wifi network with the correct name and WPA2 key but nothing, the network isn't recognize. Any idea ?


Level 2
I note that I experience multiple connection cut between the app and the quest (even if it's on my head).