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Is Superhot VR different on the Oculus store compared to the SteamVR version?

Level 2
I want to buy Superhot VR, and since I’m not going to be travelling a lot with my Quest 2 and have a powerful VR-ready PC, I’m just going to buy VR games on Steam unless the game is better on the Oculus store or it’s an Oculus exclusive.

However, I’ve read about the Quest or Quest 2 version of Superhot VR being better than the original Steam version, like a developer tweet from a year ago and comments on Reddit. Does anyone know what the differences between Superhot VR on the Oculus store for the Quest 2 and Superhot VR on Steam are, without spoiling any Easter eggs or story details?

Is movement more “free” in the Oculus version because the Quest and Quest 2 are wireless, like I’ve seen some people say?

If the Oculus store version of Superhot VR for the Quest 2 has more features or changes made specifically for the Quest/Quest 2, I’m obviously going to get the Oculus store version instead of the Steam version. I just want to know if these claims are (still) true and whether the Steam version also has these improvements now or if the Quest 2 version is objectively superior.

I know that the Quest 2 version doesn’t have the pyramids you punch, but is there anything else?