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Is it possible to save multiple "guardian" play space?

Level 4



Often, I move the Quest 2 between two play spaces, living room and home office to plug into my PC.  Everytime I have to set new "guardian" play space.  Is there a way to save multiple play space and quickly switch between them?


Your help is greatly appreciated.


Level 9

There's a current bug that wipes the stored guardians when the Quest 2 is turned off, I think. But otherwise it should be able to store at least one Stationary and one Room Scale guardian. Probably more though. When I headed out of town I set up a room scale and a stationary guardian at my Dad's place. When I got home, to my delight, both my normal at-home guardians had still been there.


Currently I leave my Quest 2 in sleep mode if not in use because of that probable bug I mentioned.

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Thank you for your feedback!