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Is new music ever coming for FitXR?

Level 4

This is my primary app that I use the most. I love it but playing it 6 or 7 times a week, I'm really jonesing for some new music especially of the hip-hop genre. Will this ever happen? I like the music for the most part in this app but really I need something new to listen to soon.


Level 11

are you talking about stock music? or the dlc packs?


there are several dlc packs out their for the fitxr.

the rock pack and extreme pack have additional songs and exercises.

Thanks Pittcanna...sorry. only login in again now.

I mean anything. I'd be perfectly happy to buy a dlc pack but I like the rap music the most in this game but there is no music pack for that.

Just any new music would be great though in the stock music. Too many repeated songs and I'm getting bored of the software now because of the lack of change in the music. I did notice on the fitxr site that they are advertising for artists to submit music but I don't know if that is something new or something that has always been there.

I now don't really use it anymore but instead using supernatural but that's pricey