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Issues paring Oculus Quest 2 headset with Android Phone

I am having an issue trying to pair a new Quest 2 headset to the phone app. It just displays a spinner and "Looking for Headset" message. WiFi and Bluetooth both enabled. The headset is showing the 5 digit code, however the phone app never fails the Pairing process to allow me to put in the 5 digit code manually. 

I tried clearing my Facebook app data and re-installed the Oculus app. I am kind of lost as to what else to do to get this to work. 


Level 2

Same. Was online with Support last night. They cant do anything. It's ridiculous.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @oculusdragons43521 we know some people have been having some issues with the mobile app. This is certainly not the experience we want for our customers when setting up their devices. We will do our best to help you get in the game.


We appreciate you attempting to troubleshoot by clearing your Facebook app data and re-installing the Oculus app. Some further troubleshooting steps we suggest:

  • Sign out of Facebook on your phone and back in
  • Reboot your headset
  • Attempt to pair again

If you are still unable to pair your phone to your headset please let us know, and we will let our team know of this mobile app malfunction.