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Job Simulator not showing certain objects anymore after I had to clear my guardian history

Hello. I have been playing job simulator, and it was working fine for me. But due to some sort of glitch, my guardian kept getting deleted, so I wiped my guardian history and when I went back into job simulator, the problem arose. Before I wiped my guardian history, when in the Job Museum that you start in and return to after every level, where 4 pedestals with a car, human, office building, and one more that I don’t remember. And in the mechanic level, there was a table behind me that had the radio on it, a bobble head of the hot who owns the mechanic shop, and a can of gas. There was also a mini fridge with a banana, donut, and maximum energy drink. But after I wiped my guardian history, these objects disappeared and I have not been able to get them back. Does anyone have any idea on who to get them back?


I understand if no one can help me.