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Just gone from Rift S to Q2, disappointment is an understatement

Level 4

So after hours of research and video watching I took the plunge to sell my Rift S and make the move to Q2. Bear in mind i'm in love with my Rift S, I play alot of sim racing and the Rift S has been great for this, but with reports of link now being updated and the higher resolution I craved the clearer picture. 


Got my Q2 today and wow, it's terrible, don't get me wrong the SDE is gone,  however everything else to do with sim racing is terrible. I have a 3090 so my system is pretty capable, but even with max 500 in debug tool and maxing the resolution, I still get that pixely mess in or around stuff, like watching a old old youtube video trying to buffer, most people wouldn't notice this, but I'm someone who once I know it's there I can't forget about it. Then there's the small jumps, or freeze, or tearing of picture or whatever you wanna call it as I go around a corner at speed, it's like the data can't keep up, and it judders, yes it's a split second judder most normal people wouldn't even notice, but again I know it's there, and it;s happening on every corner I round.


Then there's the 72hz problem on the latest update, no matter how many times you select 80-90hz, or how many times you restart the app, or even restart the system, hell I even upgraded all my drivers down to my gigabit adapter trying to fix this, but nope, stuck at 72hz! This quest 2 is terrible compared to my Rift S, and somewhere deep down something was telling me don't do it, but here we are!


I'm currently messaging the buyer of my Rift S asking to buy it back.


Level 12

3090 is still an infant gpu, yes its powerful but in reality driver optimization is lacking.  What settings are you render scale?


Also, the bump in resolution and fps, can put a lot of strain.  The 3090 can not do a 1.7 render scale at 90 hz, if i were you i would lock it to 1.5 and 80 hz, and adjust in game details to accommodate.

I have not even thought about going that high, im on 1.0 and 80hz, or trying for 80hz as that's broke on the latest update at the moment. All I'm trying to acheive now is something similar to the rift s, the gpu is more than powerful enough since I had no issues going round corners on the rift s, smooth as butter, even if i lower to 0.7 res which is closer to the rift s, I still get this issue round corners, It's simply down to using compression and data for video I believe, otherwise the rift s would do the same.

Level 7

This doesn’t help you in this moment, but I will say that V25 (and through V26) has left my headset useless as far as link goes. I was playing fallout 4 VR almost nightly up til then, with little to no issues (even though it’s a pretty rough VR port, which is not oculus’ fault). Then like night and day V25 came and the visual glitches your mentioning (I’d turn my head quickly in battle and see blackness til the screen caught up with where I was looking), and even worse, the audio constantly hiccuping  every 5 seconds (not an exaggeration, it’s consistently more than once a measure in ballads/slow songs) just made it a terrible experience. So I repurchased some more basic games on native quest and am temporarily avoiding PCVR. 

I’d love to be wrong about this, so if anybody knows of any initialized settings that changed via the update, please let me know and I’d love to change them back, but I push my computer pretty hard for non VR gaming and production, and outside of Quest link, nothing has changed for me.  I’m well aware how much harder VR is on my computer than non VR gaming, but that doesnt really explain why it worked fine for over 150 hours of fallout VR, a similar amount of hours in Skyrim VR, and even a good bit of time in something as graphically simple as pistol whip, then immediately became unstable with v25-26.  

This doesn't sound promising 😞 I race in various leagues in both iracing and AC-ACC, which is why I spent many hours researching before taking the dive, unfortunately funds won't allow me to have both at the same time so it was a tough decision to make, same reason I coulnd't stretch to a G2 alongside them not being available anyway unless your willing to pay 50-100% over rrp.


I've noticed the black screen a couple times, but although another problem in itself, this is what I consider to minor compares to trying to race especially going round corners, I notice it too when I go over rumble strips, the data really struggles with this movement, and as the driver puts me right off.

Level 7

I guess I ended up being pretty negative there, but what I MEANT to convey was that I think they’ll stabilize link again via a new patch. That being said, I’m mildly shocked at both the release of such a  breaking patch and the continued silence on the subject. Again, maybe it to changed/raised some settings too much, and possibly we can set them back, but I don’t feel like dealing with the headache until I can get some straight answers from someone. 

Level 4

surement sans fils et wifi5, la ok ,mais meme a ca tu devrait etre capable de faire du 90hz . 

je joue avec dirt rally 2.0 et project car 2 avec rtx 3070,ryzen 7 3800x et ca fonctionne tres bien a 90hz avec fils.

Level 4

Yep. On the first issue -- the 72hz being stuck -- you need to opt out of the Beta channel on your PC software. V27 (the current beta) broke support for the higher refresh rates. Regarding the rest of your complains -- also yep. Link just isn't quite on-par with the wired Rift or Rift S in terms of response, stability and fluidity. The motion-to-photon lag is higher, making head movements feel more detached from reality, and in certain apps there is this very strange micro-judder that happens every time my head is turning one way and then turns back the opposite way. Every time my head makes a sudden direction change, there is this tiny, almost imperceptible jump in what's being rendered. A very small "skip", without an actual frame drop. This isn't from ASW either -- it happens even at 90Hz (verified by the debug performance HUD overlay.) The resolution of the Q2 is indeed nice, but for a wired PCVR device it's definitely a bit of a regression in some ways compared to the older Rift devices.

For now I have just left it at 72hz for performance reasons. Bad news is the buyer of my Rift S is very happy and no way I can get it back now 😞


I'm trying to make myself like the Q2 despite these issues but it's really hard. I'm saying things to myself like, well the SDE is alot better on the Q2 over the rift S, but then I remember how much I really didn't care about the SDE as I got used it and immersed into a race. Finding it real hard to be happy with it. Option could be to return it, but VR has literally been my saviour during these "can't go out" times we are living in, and not a chance in hell I could sim race on a single monitor. I'm going to do a custom championship tomorrow on Automobilista 2 for a good 3-4 hours and force myself to play despite the annoying micro stutters round corners, hoping, well praying!! my mind will accept it.