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Just got my quest... came in broken.

Level 2
Ordered my quest about 2 weeks ago and it finally came in, I was super (SUPER) excited about it. Set it up just to realize Its broken... After a lot of research i'm now guessing the movement tracking is messed up due to shipping, therefore my screen keeps spinning/falling out of view. Making this hardware useless. Id really love to know how I can fix it (already know I cant) or if Oculus will do anything about this. This is completely unfair to me and id love to see my way out of this situation soon. I have a "ticket" to speak with Oculus Support and will keep this thread updated. I hope this doesn't go unnoticed and I get either a full refund or a new/fixed Oculus Quest.

Level 8

POLYBlUS said:

I hope this doesn't go unnoticed and I get either a full refund or a new/fixed Oculus Quest.

My favorite way of getting a merchant's attention, is to call my credit card company and dispute the charges.  Especially if your card has a "purchase protection" feature.  You can always "undo" a charge dispute, if the merchant suddenly notices you and fixes the problem to your satisfaction.

Level 7
I know it sucks.  But just do a an exchange.  Contact support.  Defects happen.  I had my far share.   Good luck.  
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Level 2
Support should hopefully be able to help you out. Good luck! Curious to know what your end result is.

Level 2
Same boat

I received a Quest today, turned it on and the left screen is completely white with static. I have also sent in a support ticket and been assured that they will start communications within two business days.  

Bitterly disappointing, hopefully it can be quickly resolved.