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K830 and Quest 2 firmware v33

Level 4

After the v33 update, the keyboard K830 is visible only on the sofa and not on the desktop.

it affects also the Horizon Workspace app: it stays all the time in ‘looking for keyboard’, but the keyboard is connected.

Is there anybody else that have the same issue? Any idea about how to fix it?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, thanks for reaching out, I see that after the new updates, your keyboard in Horizon Workspace isn't working correctly. Horizon Workrooms is still in beta and some bugs and issues are expected. If you're feeling creative or simply want to inform the community of this issue, we recommend you post on the update forum here. We will pass this on to our developers and will let the community know when the issue is solved. 

Hi, I think the issue is on the main Oculus software and Workplace is only a consequence.

The keyboard-layout-overlap happens only on the sofa mode and not on the desktop mode also on the main system (f.e. To navigate with the Oculus browser)

Thanks for the quick reply! We have brought this issue up to our developers and as time goes on and Horizon Workspace moves out of Alpha, common issues like this will be fixed. Whilst we don't have a fix right now, we will surely let the community know when a viable solution is found. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.