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Kodi on Oculus Quest 2 for VR 180 videos

Level 2

Hi all. I have been trying to get Kodi working on my Oculus Quest 2 in order to play VR 180 videos. I have a lot of videos in this format on my NAS and would like to use Kodi because of its metadata capabilities. I was able to sideload Kodi for Android onto the Quest 2 using Sidequest. VR 180 videos play but not in VR as with other players. They play with the video for both eyes output on one flat screen. I am currently using Skybox VR on the Quest to play the videos and they play in VR correctly using it. There are two possible solutions I see:

  1. Watching the VR 180 videos with Kodi as the player. There may be settings in Kodi that I have not used that will enable it to play VR 180 videos. I have tried setting "Stereoscopic 3D mode" to "Side by side" but this causes 2 copies of the video to be shown on a flat screen (4 split screens). I have read that since Kodi is sideloaded it has no awareness that it is running on a VR headset and will not play VR 180 videos correctly.
  2. Watching the VR 180 videos with Kodi and an external player. Since I am able to watch these videos correctly using Skybox VR I thought it would be possible to set up Skybox VR as an external player in Kodi. I did this but Skybox VR did not load when a video was selected in Kodi. My thought is that as Kodi is sideloaded it is not able to interact with apps that have been loaded from the Oculus store. It may be possible to use another video player but I have not had any success.

Any advice or suggestions to get this working are welcome. Thanks.