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Lack of content

Level 2

So, with the amount of interest Facebook has put into other departments, and the fact that they are leading the VR boom in America, wouldn't you think they would have some decent content? They have the desktop intrigration but it could be so much more. Their games are just the ones that you would play if you went to a family fun center and tried the VR station. Don't get me wrong, they are on top of the food chain in my opinion but it seems like they have just stopped showing interest lately with the lack of any new content whatsoever. That has all the potential of being able to throw it on and get my work done twice as fast but it's just seemed to stop improving. Are they coming out with a new system or? 


Level 15

This is nonsense - get a rig - there're are tons of utterly awesome VR games:


If you really care for VR, surely you're not going to only play games made for low-end mobile gpus. Get a rig - get in the game 😉


There's so much awesome VR content my backlog is getting longer and longer, lol. 

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