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Laptop Compatibility

Level 2

My laptop has an AMD RYZEN 5 5000 series and a Geforce MX450. Is that good enough? I mostly plan on getting an Oculus for VR to play Minecraft in VR and only secondary things like Beat Saber or other games geared towards being playable in VR.


Level 15

No, of course not.  Please at least look/google Oculus Quest 2 requirements before asking silly questions like this.  Thanks.

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I did look at the requirements. That's why I'm asking. I have a relatively new laptop so I wondered if it would work. Not a silly question.

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Volunteer Moderator

The Geforce MX450 uses the same chip as the Geforce 1650 but with reduced bus size.

Unfortunately the 1650 is not compatible with using the Quest 2 with a PC via Link.

The compatibility list is here:


So I would assume the MX450 (as a weaker 1650) isn't going to work.

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