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Left Controller Drift issues - Quest 2

Level 2

I am having an issue with my left Controller only 2 months after purchase! It is always drifting to the left as if I were pushing the analog stick that way, although I am not. Looking online I see many others have had problems with this exact same issue. I have unpaired and re-paired, and removed the battery. It is clearly a manufacturing issue.


i have submitted a ticket.


Hugely disappointed with Oculus!


Level 6

Someone used a small amount of electronic cleaner and shifted the controllers around he does that every two weeks or something it fixed his problem.

Why should I do that though? What if it breaks after I do that? Why are these issues occurring and Facebook/Oculus do nothing to correct. From what I can see, this is an extremely common issue. Shouldn't they recall, or at the very least offer to replace any faulty controllers? I am frankly shocked at how poor these devices are.

I forgot to mention you should take the batteries out while you do so you don't cause a short and let it dry for a while.




They do offer replacement for faulty controllers that should be obvious. I'm pretty sure it's the law all products have a 1 year warranty if the user isn't at fault.