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Left controller battery life problems?

Level 2
Is anybody having any problems with  their left controller dying a lot quicker than the right controller? I’ve replaced the batteries in the left 3 times today and the right controller has only lost about 10% of its power even though I use the right controller a lot more. 

Level 10
No that doesn’t sound normal. My right controller actually drains a little quicker. I’m not sure if that’s perhaps because it’s my more dominant hand (right handed), so gets more use. 

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hey @johnnyb612, I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with your left controller. That's definitely unusual. Please contact support at so we can help you out. Thanks! -Rick

Level 2
Yes my Left is dying a lot quicker, happened three times now and i'm using brand new 1.6V Piscell Rechargeable batteries.

Looked now and right controller still has 52% and left is dead.
Will be exchanging controllers when back in stock at

Level 3
My controllers same battery life

Level 2

Same here. Since the controller update, which I got a day before yesterday (because my Quest was shelved for a few months), my left controller is sucking up power like crazy. Has to do something with the update. But, as far as I remember, this also happened before, but a lot less imminent.