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Left controller issue on both Quest 1 and 2

Level 2

I have to admit, this has got me stumped - hence posting here!
I have an issue where, when playing Steam VR games (Blade and Sorcery) or native Quest games (Pop:One), if I push the left controller forward to move forward and raise my left arm upwards (or outwards, ie to fly in Pop:One) I drift first to the left, then, as my arm raises higher, I start to move directly backwards.

I first discovered this on my Quest 2. I tested it meticulously, taking batteries out of the controllers, unpairing and re-pairing them, did a factory reset on the headset itself. I even started to doubt myself so I cast to my TV so I could watch it as it happened, just to make sure I was still definitely pushing the stick directly forwards.

I concluded that it must be a hardware issue, but I got my Quest 1 out and tried it on that after updating everything, and it has exactly the same issue.

So, to me, that eliminates the possibility of an issue with the controller(s) and headset tracking, the Virtual Desktop app, and either of the actual games.

Has anyone else experienced this or similar?


Level 2

My left controller is not charging?