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Left controller used to fly away sometimes but not all the times, Right controller now has it.

Level 3

Hello, My Right controller is not working, It is flying away and staying there the only thing I can do are buttons and rotate, I cant play most VR Games, cause I'm forced to be left handed and alot of games dont have that, and you mostly need both controllers, The left controller used to not work but now it kinda moves away a bit but barely noticeable, I have to move my right controller enough or else it will float away and get stuck.


Do you know how to fix this?


Note: These fixs dont work

Replacing Batteries

Unpair then repair

factory reset

swapping the batterys

hand tracking then go back to controllers


And no it isnt my camera cause hand tracking works fine.


(Device quest 1)


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey VrRiftTime, thank you for getting back to us and letting us know more about what's going on. We still recommend turning off hand tracking to see if there's any improvement with your controllers.
We definitely want to get to the bottom of this with you, so we just wanted to ask a few more things.

  • Do you experience similar issues while playing in other locations?
  • Has anything changed in your play area such as new furniture, lights, etc.? Sometimes, the play area you're currently on affects the tracking for the controllers.

You can also try to test various different lighting levels in your play area to check if it affects the tracking issue. 


Also, have you submitted a ticket about this issue before? 


We really appreciate your patience, and thank you so much for all of the troubleshooting steps you've tried already. While we wait for your response, we'll continue to look into further options to help! 

what the **bleep**, didnt one of the answers below say that and i said it wasnt?


it's been happening for like almost an year, of course its not the funiture or lighting.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Let's try to stay friendly here. The team is here to help, not get abused. There are plenty of nice ways to say "I've tried that" without attacking someone who is trying to help you. I know it's frustrating when things don't work, but these are public forums with rules