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Let us use the original Quest menu!

Level 3

Here's my hot take. The old, original menu for the Quest 1 is superior to any other Quest menu.


I found that it did a far better job of utilizing space, rather than unnecessarily burying things in different menus. image of the old menu i found on the Internet.pngIn VR you can make the menu (realistically) as big or small as you want. Making it smaller and hunching it up seems pointless to me.


There was quick access to important things like your Guardian boundary setup, and everything was neatly organized into different sections so you could access those easily too.

There's a clearer and more profound display of what game you were playing etc., which also does a better job of utilizing space. Oh, and the old sound when selecting menu options is superior to the new one. Hands down.


I get not having the old menu as the default one, but a toggle to allow us to use the original menu would be very nice.


So please, Oculus. Let me use my favourite menu!


Level 9

Im sorry ...

There was a time i would have agreed but hated the little black one in favour of the old original long one.

But i really love the new one.

100%, I see why you'd prefer the new one. But an option would be nice...

Level 9

Oh you got my vote for the option of all 3
that i dont mind 🙂

Level 15

Like everything, many people do not like changes to anything, and do not like kids on their grass either, lol!  Rift and Quest menus have changed a lot over time and while I have not always liked newer ones, after about a month they all seem fine.

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Correct. But actually, I quite like change. A fresh coat of paint I felt was necessary every once in a while. That's why I hated Windows 10's design so much lol, so bland and boring. But with an interface like this, you just need to get to your games, apps or other content quickly and efficiently. And in my experience, the older menu did a better job at that. Just my two cents.