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Lets talk anti-throw knuckle grips(which is your favorite? do you use them? are they just a gimmick)

Level 13
I know its been a few months since the quest 2 has been out, but i can't seem find a good knuckle grip.  For the quest 1 had a neoprene and nylon based knuckle grip, it was awesome, it didn't get all stretched like these silicone based ones.

I went through 2 of these:

i am giving below a try today:

and now i have the kiwi design on order:


Level 15
The default straps work well for me. The only time I feel at risk of throwing my controllers, is when playing Beat Saber. But use a "cup" grip that prevents it from happening. I don't hold the handles like a sword when playing Beat Saber at all.

That being said... those grip mods look splendid. I may have to upgrade soon!

Level 8
I'm using these and they are great! They are the AMVR ones. I have used the velcro based ones and I strongly prefer elastic. Definitely not a gimmick. Especially in games like Beat Saber they are essential. Both the extra texture and the strap make it much harder to drop or slip.

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Level 7
VRcover are the best after watching multiple reviews. They stand out because the straps are elastic and overall the most comfortable. I held out and they finally came back in stock.

Level 13

Kiwi brand is the best feeling controller option hands down