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Hi my oculus quest 2 seems to have a line or some sort of burn in the screen, have you any ideas on how this could have happened?


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Hi @SJSALVO have the lenses/screen been exposed to sunlight? this is reason a few people have encounted damage and has been posted about several times, it may be the casue of your lines.

Oculs carries a warning about it too but I can't remember if that's part og the packaging, They have a page about this on their website. Th lenses in VR headsets focus light onto the screen which I think is the main problem.


I've also posted about this as I've fallen foul of the problem when I left my headset on a bed and didn't turn it away from the window, as the sun tracked across the sky it burned two lines on the screen which in my case are relatively small but still annoying.


Reach out to support, they may be able to help you out:

Oculus Support 

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