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Link back to failing

Level 2

After the V28 update things were back to working well for me. Decided to adjust the supersampling options so I can get a bit more out of iracing and bam link started misbehaving again. Rolled back the changes and it’s still happening. Took the PC app out of the beta. Still happening. It happens about 20 mins into a session. Changed the priority on the process to real time. I’ve been using it pretty heavily for two weeks with no issues and one small change to the software sends it back to not working like it did for months. 

This is becoming super irritating. I have 0 confidence in racing online with the quest 2 again. Just was finally able to trust it again and back to the same spot I was in. 


Level 15

@Damageinc84  Have a look at some of the advice I gave recently (3 posts old) in the PC v28 thread;


Hopefully some of this may be useful to you.  Also, I would not recommend setting any priority to Real Time because this can cause things like keyboards/mice to lock up.  Moving the priority to High might help and is a lot safer imho.  Good luck and cheers.

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