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Link disconnecting and reconnecting

Level 2

I might get a bit angry off since in the past few days I have spent about 110$ on cables but here goes, I just got a brand new headset and along with it I got a cheap link cable, about 20$, When the headset came in I set it up to my PC (ryzen 5 5600, strix 5700xt, tomahawk b450, definitely a good enough PC to run VR well) and I was disappointed to find out it did not work, the connection kept coming on and off and sometimes I could play for hours sometimes it wouldnt connect, I figured facebook being facebook had set something up to prevent third party cables and so I reluctantly ordered the actual oculus link cable, by now I had spent 2 weeks waiting for shipments and trying to get things to work, I was so happy to sit down and have a non-faulty session when THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED. Now I have no idea what is wrong, my computer is running well and the oculus has been playing non-link games perfectly so I have no idea what is wrong. I have tried on 2 computers with different cables and nothing seems to work. I have found a few people with the same problem but no fixes.