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Linking two oculus 2 to the same account

Level 2

I got my son an oculus 2 for a gift and hooked him up via my Facebook account. Now i have a second oculus 2 and want to know how, or if i can connect this second one to my account in order to use the games i have already paid for. Is there a family sharing setting?


Level 3

If you used your FB account for your son's Quest 2, it should already be connected to your account and the games will be installable from the store as usual, perhaps I misunderstood the question?


There is an App Sharing/Multi Account feature work in progress. You can find a ton of info on YouTube or here's the blogpost from Oculus

Level 4

You can have multiple headsets registered on the same FB account, so both sons can play the games you have already paid for. However, they will both use your account and user name, so all scores. leaderboards etc are merged. They both play with your user name. And besides a few exceptions (Eleven table tennis, Walkabout Mini Golf, Pro Putt Golf, Racket NX come to mind) they cannot play with or against each other via multiplayer. If they're too young for their own FB account, and you can find someone else who is willing to "lend" their credentials to one of your sons, you can indeed set up the recently introduced feature of family accounts and app sharing. You can find instructions for that online. Then one of your sons will use that secondary account and both will have different user names, so can play any multiplayer game together. Good luck!