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Live streaming to Facebook other players can't hear me.

Level 2
Hi! I need some help, I have been livestreaming on Facebook using my quest and everything is great, but when I play multiplayer games like VRCHAT or Rec Room the other players can't hear me. My friends on my live can hear me, but not other players in the games. I saw someone said you need headphones but my headphones for my quest (two separate plugs) don't have a mic. Any advice?

Level 9
Uhm, it sounds like you routed the Quest's mic for the live stream/recording rather then using it for your multiplayer games. Which may mean you need a bluetooth headset with a mic.
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Level 2
Hi I'm wondering what the fix is for this. If when you live stream, you do NOT enable microphone, and so people in multiplayer can hear you, can people in the live stream on Facebook hear you?