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Loading beatsaber from quest 2 to oculus link?

Level 2

I have beatsaber on my oculus quest 2, I recently got oculus link a couple months ago but on the library on link I need to buy it.

is there a way I can load beatsaber from Q2 to OL? I'm doing this to have a smoother screen share experience for my friends.


Level 12

no link doesn't work that way.  


if want to cast beatsaber on your pc screen, you don't need the link cable.


or you will just need to buy beat saber for the rift s and play it via link but i don't recommend that.

Level 9

As Pittcanna mentioned, Beat Saber isn't Cross Buy enabled. This means you can buy it for PCVR via Steam or the Rift store, or you can buy it for Stand Alone VR on the Quest/Quest 2. If you want it for both PCVR and Stand Alone, you'll have to buy it twice.

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Level 7

If you want a smoother share experience than the “cast” then you could get side quest (it’s free and I’d highly recommend that regardless), and across the top bar of the side quest main menu there’s an option to Android cast your quest over the cable. That’s what I do, because then you can actually put the music through your TV speakers/external speakers.  That’s pretty rough over wireless cast,  because the lag makes the beatsaber music unbearabley out of sync for the player.