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Logitech K830 no longer being sold or produced. What is the alternative?

Level 2

Logitech K830 no longer being sold or produced. I need a keyboard I can see in virtual space. I am running a research group in the pharma industry, and I need to move some of our meetings to the virtual space. As the K830 has been discontinued (just was in contact with Logitech), I was wondering if there is an alternative.


Level 3

Why you don`t want to make an internet order?

I bought it here to resend post service  and after few weeks got in another side of the planet.

Logitech chat confirmed it is discontinued:


Me> Has the K830 been discontinued?
Mhadz V.
Welcome to Logitech Customer Care my name is Mhadz. I hope you're doing well.
Please bear with me while I check with my resources if the K380 is still active or discontinued. I'll be back in just a moment. To make sure that we don't get disconnected while I am digging, let me know you are still with me.
Me> I'm here
Mhadz V.
Thanks for waiting., As per checking, sorry to tell that its already in End of Manufacturing status or discontinued. But you may check it through 3rd party online stores.
12:27 PM
or resellers
Here are the lists of our trusted resellers

Mhadz V. is wrong. Just ordered it from Logitech 2 days ago. It was in stock for at least 4 hours. Prior to that and afterwards, it shows "Sold Out Temporarily" so appears they go quick.


Just a quick follow up. Received the K830 about 3 days after ordering it from Logitech. $59.99 + tax, shipped free. Latest version with built-in Bluetooth as well as USB dongle. They do indeed still sell them, but sell out fast, within a couple hours after they get some in stock, so check often. I had the site saved and after seeing the post from Icepick869 about NLA, was going to check one more time before deleting shortcut. Good thing I didn't delete.


EDIT: Just checked link again and they changed it to now provide a "Notify Me" link when they get more in stock.

Hepp! K380 != K830 🙂

Level 4

I’ve bought 2 Logitech k830: the first as soon as Infinite Office was announced (but then I decided to use it with my living room gaming pc), then the second only for the Quest.

An alternative is eventually the Apple Magic Keyboard (it’s visible in VR)9F973915-7F04-41DA-A2A8-D4A3FC3E8169.jpeg

Level 2 again now says:


"No Longer Available"


With a most recent review of:


You sold out in less than four hours?!?"


It looks perfect for my Quest 2, but I do wish it was USB C instead of micro usb.

I noticed that in your pasted conversation with Mhadz (above), he wrote "K380" instead of "K830".  Are you sure he checked on the right model?

I'm seeing the same on 8/14/2022.  Do you suppose that "no longer available" means they're no longer making them? But why stop making them if they're such a hot commodity?  I don't even see a "notify me" button!